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Binhui Biopharmaceutical (Binhui Bio) was founded in 2010, by Dr. Binlei Liu, a key member of the original T-VEC development team. Binhui Bio is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, pilot production of innovative drugs and provision of biotechnology services. Binhui Bio has four technology platforms: oncolytic virus (OV) immunotherapy platform (oHSV2), nucleic acid platform, protein platform and cell therapy platform.

BS001 (OH2 injection), one of the company's OV products, has received 5 INDs and 1 orphan drug approval from NMPA and FDA since 2018 for cancer monotherapy and combination therapy. BS001 is the first HSV2-derived OV to enter clinical trials worldwide.

The company has established FDA and NMPA approved production process, and its integration of production and research can fully satisfy the requirements of both clinical development and the industrialization. Binhui Bio has a cGMP pilot plant with multiple production lines that can be simultaneously used. With its high-content cell imaging system, bioreactor, in vivo imager, AKTA chromatography purification system, flow cytometer, real-time qPCR machine, water-for-injection production system and filling system, and other facilities and equipments, Binhui can fully meet the needs of clinical drug production and product R&D.

Since the establishment, Binhui Bio has successively obtained investment from well-known venture capital such as Beijing Lampan, Shenzhen Fortune, Lepu Medical, Share Investment, Vertex Investment and Yangtze River Pharma, etc. 


Dr. Binlei LIU Founder

Zhizheng Fang VP

Hanming Wang VP

Dr. Yan Xu CSO

Dr. Yang Wang Senior Scientist

Dr. Han Hu Senior Scientist

Normand Jolicoeur CDO







Doses Escalation (Phase I)

Doses Extension (Phase II)

Protal Study
(Phase III)

Viral Vector




Other indications



BS001 combo with PD-1 antibody(CN)




Solid Tumor(IIT)


Solid Tumor


Solid Tumor

Nucleic Acid
Oncolytic Nanoparticles

Solid Tumor

Protein Replacement Therapeutics

Vaccines, Muscle Spasms, Wrinkle Reduction

Universal Affinity Chromatography Products



Vaccines for Human and Veterinary

Cell Therapy

Malignant Pleural and Peritoneal Effusion(IIT)


Malignant Pleural and Peritoneal Effusion

Note 1:BS001 is named as oHSV2hGM-CSF,and OH2 Injection;BS006 is named as oHSV2CD3-PD-L1

Note 2:FDA has granted Fast Track Designation (FTD) to OH2 Injection

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D3-4 of OVU Technology City, Gedian Development Zone, Ezhou, Hubei Province


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Dr. Binlei LIU

University of Southampton PhD / Postdoctoral Researcher

2000-2009: BIOVEX Ltd (U.K) | Senior scientist and Chief scientist of molecular biology | Core member of the original T-VEC (OncoVexGM-CSF) development team

BIOVEX’s T-VEC was acquired by Amgen for US$1 billion | Approved by the US FDA and EU EMA in 2015 and 2016 respectively |  first oncolytic virus drug in the market in the developed countries

Led R&D team to establish an oncolytic herpes simplex virus type 2 based platform and other technology platforms for drug and vaccine development

Published 40+ research papers, multiple patent licenses

Zhizheng Fang


Engineer and  Assistant Director of Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co.,LTD.

Expert of National Drug Evaluation Committee

Editorial Board of International Journal of Biologicals

Expert of  Hubei Province Science and Technology Office

Executive Director of Hubei Medical Association

Hanming Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow in Microbiology and immunology, NCI - Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University, USA

Postdoctoral Fellow in Hematology and Oncology, The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada

25 years of experience in Sanofi-Pasteur, Pfizer, CRO and Biotech companies, familiar with the whole process from drug development to commercialization.

Obtained 13 vaccine/drug IND/BLA approvals.

Dr. Yan Xu

National Distinguished Expert (China).

Recombinant protein vaccine research.

Nova Biologiques Inc CSO, developed a virus-like particle platform.

Senior Scientist at Viropro Inc.

National Research Council of Canada,  Post-doctorate in the field of biotechnology.

PhD, McGill University.

Dr. Yang Wang

PhD/Associate Professor    

Oncolytic virus and cell therapy research

Awarded the title of “Chu Tian Xue Zi”

Admitted to the 3551 Talent Program

Led NSFC Project

Published a total of 23 SCI papers, as first author of 12 SCI 

Dr. Han Hu

PhD/Associate Professor

Oncolytic virus and T cell therapy preclinical research

Awarded the title of “Nan Hu Xue Zhe”

Led NSFC Project

Published a total of 21 research papers, of which 12 were included in SCI

Normand Jolicoeur

Senior Technology Officer, National Research Council of Canada.

Nova Biologiques Inc, Chief Scientist.

Broad expertise in several fields related to biotechnologies and biopharmaceuticals.

Development of innovative solutions for a large number of biopharmaceutical companies.

Author of several patents on VLP and subunit vaccines.