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Based on our own technology and R&D experience, Binhui Bio has developed highly efficient cell transfection kits and mRNA-LNP genetic immunization for antibody preparation kits. Meanwhile, Binhui Bio has established a central supply department that offers research-grade culture media and molecular biology reagents etc.



Lipid™ Transfection Kit Series

mRNA-LNP Preparation Kits

Prepriotry ionizable lipid molecules and a series of transfection kits is available including Lipid™ mRNA in vitro transfection kit, Lipid™ DNA in vitro transfection kit, Lipid™ mRNA in vivo transfection kit, and Lipid™ DNA in vivo transfection kit.

Short delivery period and high transfection efficiency

Suitable for transfection of various cell types both in vivo and in vitro

No cytotoxicity in the effective concentration range

Excellent reproducibility and simple operation

Suitable for both serum-free and serum-containing transfection

Observable in 4 hours after mRNA transfection

Relying on mRNA encapsulation and antibody preparation technology, the product of the mRNA-LNP preparation kit is in-house developed, successfully integrating the whole process of rapid mRNA-LNP preparation with the advantages of simple operation, excellent stability, and high encapsulation rate.

With a complete set of equipment, a flexible production process, and multiple GMP compliant workshops available, it satisfies with the requirements of virus production for preclinical and clinical trial studies.

Three-level viral seed bank and cell bank establishment, suspended or adherent cell culture, 3L-50L-100L multi-stage amplification.

Single-use aseptic production process, A-grade aseptic filling isolator system, personnel and materials are separated to minimize contamination.

Culture medium and reagents

Reagent and Kit Service Manual